Four years ago when React js was first to open sourced nobody had any idea that within the next four-year this remarkable framework became the fastest growing framework within the front end community.

Learning React Js
If you are a professional UI developer with JavaScript then you must consider learning React Js. The learning curve of React Js is easy and obviously very rewarding.

Now we will see what is the fundamental concept of React Js and why it become so familiar among the UI developer community.

What makes React amazing?

React is very versatile. It has been first used by Facebook. Then it becomes an open sourced library. React can be used with any other library. It can run independently. It does not bother which other stacks are used in your application.

Virtual Dom concept
React concept of virtual dom is extremely useful during the creation of a very complex dom. This was a pain area among the UI / UX developer. React perfectly solve this issue. React applies a Virtual DOM that achieves the tremendous productivity by only re-rendering nodes on a need basis.

One of the most notable points about React.js is that it not only works perfectly on the client side, but it can be also rendered at the server side with equal perfection and they can sync perfectly.

As React is using an artificial DOM and not an original one, we can do a lot of things which was not possible earlier. We can render that artificial DOM on the server, and generate a server-side React views.