Angular CLI

Now Angular comes with a command line interface (CLI) to build Angular application. This process is faster and follows best practices. It also helps in creating a unit and end-to-end tests for the application.



If you want to master your skill on Angular application development through CLI approach, then this is the most sort after tutorial for you.
First, this course will teach you how to generate an application. Then gradually it teaches you with examples of how to generate Angular components and services.
Finally, this course will teach you the core knowledge of how to build and test the application locally and then deploy it on the production environment.


  • Overview
  • Angular CLI Setup and Verification
  • Generating a New Angular Application
  • Generating Code from Blueprints
  • Generating Routing Features
  • Building and Serving
  • Running Unit and End to End Tests
  • Tooling Features


John Papa is an alumnus of the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft Regional Director, and MVP programs.

Rating: 5.0
Level: Bignner
Duration: 3h 22m
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