Angular JS Servces

In simple concept, Angular Js services are javascript functions. Each function performs a specific task. These functions are easily maintainable and testable.

You can call these services within your application on requirement basis through controller or filter.

AngularJs uses services architecture for the better structural codebase. Services are normally injected using the dependency injection mechanism of AngularJS.

AngularJs also provide various inbuilt services. Like $http, $route, $window, $location, etc. Each of this service performs a very specific task. $http used to make ajax call. $route is used to define the routing information. You can also create your own custom services.


Angular JS Servces in-depth



Services of Angular js framework are the major building block of any angular application. Proper utilization of services makes your code tidy and very effective.

Before writing your own services you need to understand and master the whole concept of Angular Services.

Angular Js framework also provides different types of built-in services. These are very useful for managing network requests, asynchronous execution, and routing etc.

Before using services very effectively a deep understanding of the core knowledge is extremely important. This course will solidify the core understanding of services quickly and effectively.


  • Introduction and Overview
  • Creating Services
  • Common Built-in Services
  • Networking
  • Caching and Sharing Data
  • Service Decorators


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AngularJS: The Big Picture



Due to its multi-dimensional framework, Angular is getting tremendous popularity day by day.

If you consider AngularJs for your next big project, then this course will guide you perfectly.


  • Introduction
  • Angular Benefits and Features
  • Angular Architecture
  • Complementary Technologies
  • Angular Gotchas and Problems
  • Angular vs. X
  • The Future of Angular


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